The Bday Backup Plan

So today I planned on taking Leonard on a surprise bday adventure! .... But the plans got canceled due to wind-- 

Part 2 of the bday surprise was an early morning picnic in the park... which we quite enjoyed! <3 

Part 1 of the bday surprise was rescheduled for tomorrow morning..
However ... we didn't want the rest of the day to go to waste! :) 

So we decided to plan a new adventure for the day~

          Exploring Boulder City, NV 

Boulder City is quite the historic town in the middle of nowhere~ Seems like nothing is there, but the place actually has quite a bit to offer.. including: 

• Boulder "Beach"
• Hoover Dam
• Lake Mead Recreational Area
• $29 Helicopter rides by the lake
   - Pretty short, but worth it.. If you want more you can pay $69 for a view of the Hoover Dam & $100 for a view of Black Canyon 
• $10 Train rides! {on refurbished coaches dating back to 1911} Every Sat & Sun
• AND cute little shops with unique finds

If this was planned in advance, we definitely would have done ALL of that! [next time for sure] but since we were just killing time before the REAL SURPRISE tomorrow morning... We just had some FREE fun haha ... Though it was FUN none the less ;) 

We looked at a couple of shops that sold awesome handmade Native American jewelry, clothes, blankets, metal pieces & pottery <3 "Hacienda Interiors" was seriously like walking through a maze of lovely metal artwork & pottery! I want to go back & buy some of their pieces!

                  I love Kokopelli  <3 

        Piano playing cat & mouse? Lol


                      Cute mirror!! 

Pots for my home garden *sigh* kept telling myself "You're here to kill time & LOOK not but" >_< I'll be back tho Hacienda... I'll be back!! Lol 

Right next to Hacienda Interiors was a store that sold lovely Native American jewelry, blankets, (I wanted to buy a blanket) metal pieces, pottery etc  .... 

These are the only two pics we took there tho haha:

I loved this hand-painted leather Kokopelli pillow!!! 

Behind these two stores were some of the old "Nevada Southern Railway" trains! So we had to go have an "iPhone photo shoot" haha Super FUN TIMES

I think it was pretty good for a random last-minute trip <3 we had a great time! 


Tomorrow we attempt part 1 of the original bday plan AGAIN! I hope it works out this time!
I'll let you know how it goes ;) 


An hour or so after I posted this blog, I decided to call our flight line to check our status... And it was canceled AGAIN  >_<
Yeh I said "flight" you might as well know the surprise now... It was a hot air balloon ride!! So glad we went on that random adventure earlier today just in case THIS happened~ Leonard & I are getting married next weekend! Maybe we can reschedule the flight for around our honeymoon... If the winds are EVER in our favor! Lol goodnight all! 

~ Genise 

Dollar Dinnerware (and other household bargains)

Everytime I go to the dollar store, I always go take a look at their dinnerware - Sometimes you can find good quality stuff! {Especially around the holidays... when they know many will be setting their tables for a FEAST}

Remember the lovely handcrafted plates I found at the DollarTree? 

When I saw these I immediately loved them! <3 By the way they were displayed, it was clear they were set out [to appeal to] those getting ready for thanksgiving... But I only saw them as a perfect addition to the kitchen in our new apartment! 

I've found so many great things while shopping at a dollar store- 

• Mason Jars (Actual Mason brand... Not the knockoff ~  Though I have seen plenty of those there too haha ;) 

• Stemless wine glasses 

• an assortment of nifty looking cups, mugs, plates etc..

I see these well handcrafted plates at the 99cents Only Store almost everytime I go 
AND they also sell the matching mugs & bowls that go with them 

        This plate was cute to me too...
              I love square plates ^_^

When shopping.. it's always good to compare prices along with quality etc -- sometimes a 99cent plate is just as good as a plate from Walmart, Target or Ross... And sometimes it's worth paying the extra few bucks... Many times you can find things quite similar to one another but for whatever reason.. the other item costs more...

Here's some comparisons:

Super cute jar mugs-- The above pic is sold at Ross 5.99 for a set of 5 ~ The bottom pic at the 99cent only store :) I personally like the quality & look of the Ross mugs better-- However the 99cent ones are better for on the go! - You could always get a set for the house & one for on the go... For 99cents! Lol 

I love Ross for a good bargain tho anyway... 

Today I found these cute plates there (No I didn't buy them >_< I was trying to be good... Lol) 

These plates are not only just adorable but they are great quality from the brand "222 Fifth" ~ Their dinnerware sets cost $100 and over 

They aren't generally sold seperately .... But today I saw them at Ross for 3.99/each 

3.99 is pretty good for these... But what if you could find cute & simple plates or bowls for 99cents that are sold for more elsewhere ... For like.. let's say... 3.99??

                    LOOK HERE

Which one of these costs more??

Well... The bottom pic is from the 99cent only store for uhh.. 99cents/each

And the top? From Targets new "Threshold" line ~ 3.99/each 

Hmm.... Whatta yah think?-- I'd pay 3.99 for 222 Fifth plates & bowls from Ross~ BUT here I would actually go with the 99cent store! Especially for something so simple looking - They also sold the matching coffee mugs & plates 

On another note: I do like Target's "Threshold" line ... Some of their new home decor items are really cute!

Bottom line... Always weigh your options!

Don't pay more unless absolutely necessary & NEVER count out your local dollar store for quality dinnerware!
If so...
.... You might miss out! ;) 

- Genise

Jarman Residence (getting started)

Like I've always said.. I'm really bad at keeping my posts up to date :( 

I've definitely been busy with all of the wedding planning-- None the less.. Sorry lol 

That being said.. Here's the update! :) 

I'm getting married in 25 days!!! So exciting! The fiancé and I have an apartment in Orange County, Ca... Yeh so I will indeed be moving!
Actually, this is my LAST WEEK teaching at the academy here in Las Vegas before I get married & move away!~ Crazy!!

I was recently in Cali for our wedding shower-- While I was there I found these super cute, hand-crafted plates & bowls at the Dollar Tree! 

               Of course I got them...

We also got a lot of great gifts for our place.. Along with gift cards/money to buy things for our place! 
THEREFORE.. I decided to stay a few days after the shower to get started on putting the apartment together! ^__^ 

          Here's some of what we did! 
                    -DIY Daybed-

It's definitely a comfortable little lounge space...

~The platforms we got for FREE on a random night out with friends searching for crates & pallets behind stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Whole Foods etc..
They were originally meant to be tables & were going to be trashed because their glass table top was broken~ 

~ The "cushion" on top of the platforms is a twin size matress topper from IKEA-- most of the pillows were also purchased from there~ 

~The quilt & black pillow are from Ross

.... I've already explained where the crates are from lol ;) 

Here are a few other things in our place!

• The frame magnets {top right pic} are from the Dollar Tree

• The Carafe & cup set w/ wicker cover  {middle pic} I got off of groupon at some point-- it's called a "Garden Terrace beverage set" if you want to try & search for one :) 

• The Bodum french press {middle pic} I got from Cost Plus: World Market

• The cute little blue teapot was a wedding shower gift from my soon-to-be mother-in-love-

•Stacked crates for shelves behind the fiancé 's keyboard {bottom left pic}

• Adjustable, Industrial-style bar stools {bottom middle pic}-- Another groupon purchase...

• Little tin trash can.. Purchased at IKEA -- comes in multiple colors including: turquoise, pastel yellow, cream & standard metal tin 

... There's still a lot to be done, but I'm already pleased with what we have so far :) 

The goal is to create a sweet relaxing atmosphere ~ A place where we can kick back, have some coffee/tea & listen to/play some good music <3 Our own personal jazz-cafe, resort & getaway..

I believe home should be an oasis~ A place you're ALWAYS excited to return to :) so far it's already feeling that way! I'm super excited to watch it all come together ..I'll be sure to post more along the way! 

To be continued...


Update: Stage to screen Vocal Workshop!

Forgive me for not posting sooner! I completely forgot -- A lot has been on my mind (You'll know why in just a sec... Keep reading) 

Well.... The workshop was amazing! People were so eager to learn & there were some great voices in the bunch! AND The Links: Las Vegas Chapter treated me so well! They even gave me an award! I felt so honored~

My fiancé came to help on piano & accompanied me while I sang for the workshop recital! 

Oh.... Yeh ...I did say fiancé... So that's the big surprise thats been consuming my mind & time. Im engaged! AND I'll be getting married in just a few months.... Oct 19th!! Coming up so soon!

Yup yup :) Im getting married AND Im moving back to California (that part is still quite bittersweet) --- Wasn't originally planning to leave Vegas! I am VERY excited though. 

So there's the update! I'll be sure to keep you posted about the wedding <3 we are planning a big jam session with all our musician fiends so it should be fun! 

See you soon! - Genise 

Stage to Screen Vocal Workshop

Hey! Please join me Saturday, April 20th 10:00am @ West Las Vegas Library Theater as I teach a Vocal Workshop for the "Stage to Screen & in Between" series sponsored by The Links, Las Vegas Chapter. ALL AGES Welcome!

Update/IHAD Foundation

Sorry that I haven't been posting... I've been so busy! Lots of new things happening.


~ Still teaching music @ Ensemble Arts Academy
~ Now also teaching a group guitar & vocals class for a homeschool co-op @ We Flip Academy
~ Just started a childrens music & worship class at my church, ICLV
~ Opera rehearsals have started back up
~ Worshipfest is coming up Oct 12-14th
~ Life is GRAND! :)

Now that we're all up to date:

I Just got back from singing for the Induction Ceremony for West Prep Academy into the "I Have A Dream" Foundation Program.

"I Have a Dream" gives children who are at risk of dropping out of or failing school a chance to finish their education by adopting students into their program which gives them tutoring, leadership training etc... Also each kid gets a sponsor that commits to support & stay linked up with them all the way up to high-school graduation. The ceremony was beautiful & I cried right before I sang lol so honored to have been a part. I am a "dreamer"